How to ensure that the growth of golden mushroom is consistent

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Golden needle mushroom is in the stage of mushroom growth, often appear on the production the mushroom body has long short, curved and so on unevenness phenomenon, how to ensure the neat growth of golden needle mushroom?

After accelerating the bud, the mushroom entered the stage of mushroom emergence, and the fruiting body of the mushroom began to grow in the medium. In order to make the needle mushroom growth, increase production and quality, enoki mushroom should by PengShi environmental regulation and to inhibit development strong fruiting body, spur growth fruiting body with a slower growth, achieve the goal of uniformity.

First, lower the temperature in the shed. The relative temperature reduced to 4 ℃ - 6 ℃, can inhibit the needle mushroom growth speed, so that the needle mushroom is growing.

Secondly, the ventilation time is increased to meet the demand of mushroom for oxygen. When the mushroom shed is not ventilated during the day, the cover film on the mushroom bag should be lifted for ventilation. At night when the mushroom awning ventilation cooling, the mushroom fungus bag to cover should be, as the temperature of the mushroom relative reduced to 4 ℃ - 6 ℃, the mushroom awning vents closed again can. Generally speaking, the mushroom should cover the film for 12-14 hours in a day, and open the membrane on the bag for 10-12 hours.

Third, try to keep the mushroom growing in a dark environment. Because 1-2 lux's light can meet the growing demand of the mushroom, if the light is too strong, the color of the base of the stalk will be deepened and the cover of the fungus will be enlarged, which will affect the commercial nature of the mushroom. In addition, golden needle mushroom has strong phototropism, after the cultivation bag is put, should not move normally, the working light source should also be fixed as far as possible, otherwise the mushroom handle will be distorted phenomenon.

Finally, the relative air humidity in the shed was maintained at 80-85%. If the humidity is higher than 92%, the cover will become watery and even cause soft rot and brown spot disease. The concrete operation can be in the initial stage of mushroom discharge water to the ground and space, after the circumstances can be appropriate amount of spray mist water to the mushroom body.

In this way, after 3-4 days, the inhibition of golden mushroom can be removed and the normal growth of golden mushroom can be promoted. When the needle into the normal growth stage, the temperature of the mushroom, those should be keep in 8 ℃ - 12 ℃, the relative air relative humidity in the early stage of the growth in 80% 85%, relative humidity of the air in the late growth at around 80%.

Meanwhile, in order to meet the demand of oxygen for mushroom growth, it is important to increase the ventilation time of fungus bag to more than 12 hours. If the fungus cover is found to be too large, mushroom farmers should appropriately shorten the ventilation time, strengthen shading, and reduce light. When the mushroom grows to 15-18 cm long can be harvested.

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