Seven key points of management of mushroom tide turning period

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1. Timely cleaning the material surface. Fruiting body cap 1-1.5 cm in diameter, stalk 14 to 15 cm long when harvest, harvest after the timely removal of material surface residual mushroom feet and a small mushroom, excluding individual material surface harden old hyphae, try to reduce the mechanical damage, protect the original mushroom primordium.

2. Proper ventilation and cooling. In the mushroom phase, in order to harvest to cover small, long handle, color pale, fat high quality needle mushroom, generally covering a layer of mulch on the fungus bag, to ensure the humidity of lily flowers grow, and create a higher carbon dioxide levels microenvironment. However, high humidity and high carbon dioxide concentration are not conducive to bud regeneration. The film can be opened in the morning and evening to ventilate and form the original basis as soon as possible to accelerate moisture transfer.

3. Give weak scattered light. Needle mushroom can be completely in the dark environment mushroom primordia formation, formation but far less than the number of in formation of weak scattering light environment, thus to offer certain scattered light turn in the tide, "three Yang, seven a very short moment" environment can accelerate the mushroom primordium differentiation, make its forming mushroom bud.

4. Control the temperature properly. Needle mushroom primordium formation of the optimum temperature for 13 to 15 ℃. If the temperature is on the high side, we can increase the amount of water spraying in the mushroom room, and fully ventilate and cool down. It should be noted that the humidity should not be too high when the temperature is high, otherwise the feet of the mushroom will be blackened and the villi will increase, which will lead to disease. If the temperature is low, hot water can be sprayed or the mushroom chamber heated to avoid delaying the formation of mushroom protozoa due to the excessive temperature difference, which will affect the growth of mushroom buds and is not conducive to moisture transfer.

5. The water content of the medium should be appropriate. The water content of the medium must reach 65% ~ 70% in order to ensure its normal growth and smooth moisture transfer. If the medium is dry, more water can be added to the bag at a time. After 2-4 hours, the excess water can be poured out, and 50-100 ml can be added to each bag.Turn around and get out the mushrooms. 

6.After picking the second tide mushroom, turn around and produce the mushroom at the other end, which can make the tide turn faster, and the yield is equivalent to that of the first tide mushroom. However, it is important to note that the mycelium did not penetrate or there is mixed infection of the bag should not turn back the mushroom.

7. Keep mushrooms out of the surrounding area. Bag cultivation lily flowers often appear around the mushroom, little or no the phenomenon of the mushroom, can join in the substrates 20% miscellaneous wood, not only can prevent around the mushroom, also can promote the formation of mushroom primordium.

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