The biological characteristics of the mushroom

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(1) nutrition. It does not contain chlorophyll, it cannot synthesize organic carbide with photosynthesis, the fresh golden mushroom contains 90% water, and the content of carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen in dry matter reaches 90% to 97%. Therefore, the cultivation of the needle mushroom needs a lot of water, more carbon source and nitrogen source. It is a rotten organic fungus, grew up in a variety of hardwood deadwood on the stump, decomposition of lignin, cellulose, great ability cultivated with sawdust as the main raw material,, corn cobs, straw, etc can be used to cultivate needle mushroom. Inorganic salt is an indispensable nutrient, its growth, its main function is to form cell material, as a component of enzymes, maintaining enzyme function and regulation of cell osmotic pressure and so on, can add just the right amount of gypsum in substrates, calcium superphosphate, etc.

(2) temperature. Needle mushroom is good low temperature resistance, is a kind of low temperature type edible fungus, mycelia can grow in the range of 3-34 ℃, and the optimum temperature for 22 to 26 ℃. Hyphae cold resistance is strong, but not high temperature resistant, temperature more than 35 ℃, the hyphae. Fruiting body formation with 8-16 ℃ advisable, 8 ℃ lower than the fruiting body, slow growth above 18 ℃ growth is restrained. Needle mushroom is a variable temperature solid mushrooms, above 10 ℃ temperature gap between day and night, is conducive to the formation and development of fruiting body, and mushroom body quality is good.

(3) the humidity. Hypha growth needed water mainly from substrates, the substrates in preparation has been set, the water content of the 60% - 60%, air relative humidity control in 60% 70%, fruiting body formation requires air relative humidity from 90% to 95%. In low temperature and dry environment, the microflora is malformed and affects the product quality.

(4) air. Needle mushroom is aerobic fungi, both hypha growth stage and fruit body growth stage, the requirements to have enough oxygen, so the hair chamber and what GuChang requirements fresh air, especially when fruiting body formation, metabolism, respiration intensity, more demand for oxygen, poorly ventilated inhibit the growth of fungus lid, must strengthen ventilated take a breath.

(5) the light. The mycelium of golden mushroom does not need light, and can grow well in dark conditions. Subentity differentiation requires weak light, strong light can inhibit the growth of the stalk, the paper tube can make the stalk elongate and tender, the color of the cap is diluted.

(6) ph. It can grow in the range of pH 3-8, and the optimal pH value is 5-6.

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