How do white gold needle mushroom grow?

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Flammulina velutipes can be divided into three categories: yellow, light and white. The white gold needle mushroom is one kind of the mushroom. The mushroom body is pure white, the cold resistance is very strong. The mushroom can be produced below 15 C. The quality of the mushroom is best below 10 C. The white gold needle mushroom is suitable for the winter and spring season in the northern region. So Xiaobian arranged the cultivation steps of White Flammulina velutipes. The following are listed in detail for the reference of netizens.

Step 1, suitable cultivation time for mushroom:

Most of the White Flammulina velutipes belonged to the low temperature type, and the mycelia grew at a temperature of 18-20 degrees Celsius. The mushrooms grew well at 6-8 degrees Celsius. Accordingly, White Flammulina velutipes is generally suitable for cultivation of mushrooms from October to March of next year.

Step 2, preparation of white golden mushroom culture material:

White Flammulina velutipes culture material is best made of sawdust and rice bran, and sawdust is most suitable for finely chopped willow and Chinese fir sawdust. Before use, it is best to accumulate for more than 1 years. Water should be watered regularly to keep wood chips moist and remove harmful substances from sawdust to mycelia growth.The proportion of the thickness of sawdust should be reasonable: 20% of the 2-3 mm diameter and 40% of 1-2 mm. Less than 1 mm, 40%, coarse sawdust, more Kiigan, more sawdust, poor permeability, affecting the growth speed of mycelia.Rice bran contains all the nutrients needed for the growth and development of White Flammulina velutipes. However, rice bran and defatted rice bran, which contain more starch, have been deteriorated, and should not be used as far as possible. The volume ratio of sawdust to rice bran is 3:1, and the water content of each cubic meter mixture is about 350 kg, and the water content of the material is 63%. The material should be stirred evenly to make it fully moist.

Step 3, culture material bottling sterilization:

Using 800 ml plastic bottles, about 480 grams per bottle. The surface of the culture material should be compacted, and the culture of each bottle is equal. The consistency and consistency of the material are consistent, which is the premise for the consistency of the future hair bacteria, the mushrooms at the same time, and the consistency of the stalk length.When the cap is sealed, it should be sterilized immediately. A long time (2-3 hours in the summer) will be fermented. Sterilization can be made by two kinds of atmospheric sterilization and high pressure sterilization. After sterilization at atmospheric pressure, the temperature inside the material is above 98 C for 4 hours. The temperature of the material is 120 degrees centigrade for 70 minutes. After sterilization, the bottle is placed in a sterilized cooling chamber, and then cooled to 25-20 C.

Step 4, the method of inoculation of white gold needle mushroom:

Generally, it is carried out in the asepsis room. The ratio of strain and culture is 1:50. The strain is covered with the surface of the culture material, which can make the growth of the mycelium evenly and effectively prevent the contamination of the mixed bacteria.

Step 5, culture of mycelium of Flammulina velutipes:

Turn the bacteria bottles into the culture room. The temperature should be controlled at 18-20 C, the air humidity is 60%-70%, and the hyphae begin to germinate in about 2 days. Ventilate 2 times a day for 30 minutes, and after 20-25 days, the mycelia of Flammulina velutipes can be covered with bacteria.

Step 6, the scratch fungus of the mushroom:

The so-called scratch bacteria is to use the scratching machine (or manual) to remove the old strain and bacterial skin. The fruiting bodies can take place from the surface of the culture medium by scratching bacteria. In general, it should first scratch the normal growth of mycelia bottle, and then scratch the hyphae growth is poor.If there is obvious pollution, it is better to not scratch. The method of scratching bacteria has several kinds of scratching, scratching and scratching. Flat scratch does not hurt the noodles, only the old bacteria are stripped off, this method is early, more than the mushroom, scratching the old fungus and 5 millimeter surface material (suitable for the sawdust) to be scraped off together, because of the mycelium, the mushroom late, the number of fewer, the use of high pressure air to blow out the old bacteria, this method is the most convenient.

Step 7, the method of promoting buds of Flammulina velutipes

In addition, the germination of Flammulina velutipes should be carried out in a timely manner. At this stage, the temperature should be controlled at 12-13 C, giving enough low temperature stimulation to promote the formation of primordium. But in the first 3 days, the relative humidity of 90%-95% should also be maintained so as to restore the growth of mycelia. Since then, as the respiration is flourishing, the content of carbon dioxide is increased, so the ventilation should be increased gradually after the growth of the hypha. At the same time, the drying of the material surface should be prevented, and the humidifier should be humidified with the humidifier.When buds are buds, 240 bottles are stacked per square meter. About 7 days or so, we can see the mushroom bud like fish seeds, and we can see the embryonic form of the fruiting bodies in 12 days.

Step 8, all the white gold needle mushroom was bred and inhibited.

The temperature should be controlled at about 8 C, the air humidity is about 85%-90%, and the air environment is close to the natural state, so as to promote the differentiation and branching of the mushroom bud in the low temperature environment.When the bud of mushroom grows to 1 centimeters, it is transferred to the inhibition stage, the temperature is adjusted to 4-6 degrees C, the air humidity is 85%-90%, the concentration of carbon dioxide is below 0.10%, and the hair and light (2-3 hours a day) are given, which makes the stalk length of the Flammulina velutipes neatly consistent, closely organized and coloured white.The suppression is mainly by the breeze on the fruiting body. Place 150 bottles per square meter. Under low temperature and cold wind, although fruiting bodies grow slowly, they are very tidy, strong and strong. When the fruit body grows out of the bottle mouth 3 centimeters, it can be sleeved on the tube and transferred to the fertility room.

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