What are the techniques of mushroom cultivation to increase yield?

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Golden mushroom is not only a kind of delicious food, but also a good health food. The technique of artificial cultivation of golden mushroom is not complicated, so long as the environmental conditions can be controlled well, stable and reliable yield can be obtained easily. The following are some techniques that can increase the yield of golden mushroom cultivation.Method 

1. Change the wide bag culture to narrow bag culture:

Many people think that use 25 cm x 50 cm plastic cylinder needle mushroom cultivation as well, but wide bag of susceptible mixed bacteria, and mushroom bud, fruit body flexible, affect quality, short of cover small shank length, pale, fat quality requirements. Therefore, it is better to be 17 cm x 33 cm plastic bag tube cultivation.

2. The high pressure sterilization was the delayed constant pressure sterilization:

Because the mushroom in the rich content of vitamin B1, B2 medium, rapid growth, less pollen spores. But vitamin B1 is not heat resistant, when above 120 degrees Celsius easy to decompose quickly, so medium with atmospheric pressure sterilization is good. However, in order to ensure the pure bacteria rate, the sterilization time can be extended from 10-12 hours to 13-18 hours.

3. Change the traditional vertical mushroom into horizontal double mushroom:

When loading, inoculate at both ends and leave about 15cm of tube film on each side. Lay out four layers of left and right hair fungus horizontally. This method can not only ensure the quality of the mushroom, but also save the area of the mushroom room, so that the yield of the mushroom house per square meter can increase more than 30%.

4. Change the disposable bagging of golden mushroom into control bagging:

The closed culture of hair fungus at both ends of the ligation, because the concentration of oxygen in the bag is low, if the normal method is to wait until the mycelium grows and exhales the yellow bead, then the growth of the bag will be affected.

Therefore, once the mycelium grows slowly in the bag, the bag should be unpacked in time. But at this time, do not fully open, until the stem of the mushroom grows to about 8 cm when once again straightening the tube bag, to ensure the appropriate temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide concentration in the process of mushroom production. In this process, the mushroom body should be prevented from being forced to grow bent.

5. The laissez-faire mushroom stalk growth was changed to red light induction:

Because the needle mushroom body strong phototaxis, so have good bacteria on later, can be in two rows above the center of the wall, at intervals of about 4 meters hoisting a red 15 watt light bulb, produce the vertical light, to induce them to beam toward a direction of the light source of beauty, prompting mushroom body extension. But should undertake window and window shading treatment, in case mushroom body grows in disorder, fall over and bend.

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